Kookaburra Educational Resources Secondary Books 2020/21

Secondary Catalogue 2020/21 TEXTBOOKS WORKBOOKS TEACHER RESOURCES Visit our website for pricing www.kookaburra.com.au   |   Phone: 1300 766 997   |   Fax: 1300 768 997 7-9 AC Cambridge Legal Studies Stage 6 Fifth Edition Cambridge Legal Studies Stage 6 Fifth Edition contains student-friendly language, easy-to-navigate design and engaging visual support with updated case studies, media articles, legislation, and statistics reflecting recent changes in the law. The updated content provides students with the opportunity to grasp the principles of the law, encourages the analysis of information from a variety of media sources and promotes class discussion. The Year 11 textbook contains new, highly topical Law and Practice case studies, including Human Rights Defender - Behrouz Boochani, and the 2019 Christchurch massacre while the Year 12 package contains all 12 core and seven optional syllabus topics. The most widely-covered topics are included in the print student text, while the extended digital versions also include additional topics and chapters. 9781108862813 Year 11 9781108862820 Year 12 Macmillan English Essentials 3e Macmillan English Essentials for early secondary motivates students to engage with the way our language works and build confidence in their own ability to communicate effectively. Divided into the four key sections of language, spelling and vocabulary, literature, and writing with material which accommodates a wide range of student abilities, these student workbooks contain short, self-contained units each of which have enough content to fill a single lesson. Separately available Teacher Books provide answers to all the comprehension, language, spelling and vocabulary questions in the Student Workbooks.  9781420246186 Workbook 1 9781420246209 Workbook 2 9781420246223 Workbook 3 New Century Maths NSW 2e Rebooted for the 2020 Classroom, New Century Maths 2e features clear and concise explanations with practical applications of mathematics, explicit grading of questions, more applications and problem-solving questions, more ‘flipped classroom’ video tutorials and worked solutions to EVERY question. Built on solid pedagogical foundations and embracing the spirit of the NSW syllabus, New Century Maths features numerous options for student differentiation and extra teacher support, making it the most inclusive and up-to-date series. 9780170453059 Year 7 Avail Oct 9780170453141 Year 8 Avail Jan 2021 9780170453233 Year 9 9780170453325 Year 9 Advanced Avail Oct 9780170453417 Year 10 Avail Feb 2021 9780170453561 Year 10 Advanced Avail April 2021 New Century Maths Workbooks also available. NEW NEW 11-12 NSW For New Century Maths Senior see Page 10 Teacher Books available Kookaburra Educational Resources