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Lessons of a LAC Teacher Pack Whole SHA-BANG!


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How do you explain anxiety to children?  Childhood anxiety can manifest itself with varying levels of intensity. Whether they’re little worriers or more prominent anxiety sufferers, this early intervention picture book series, aimed at preschoolers to Year 6 students, gives kids tools to manage anxiety.

Meet 'Loppy the LAC' and 'Curly Calmster.' 'Loppy,' a Little Anxious Creature (LAC) and 'Curly' who creates calm and peace, are the two key characters in the Lessons of a LAC book series written specifically by Clinical Psychologist Lynn Jenkins, and illustrated by Illustrator/Art Therapist Kirrili Lonergan, Lessons of a LAC provides children a very simple way to understand their anxious thoughts and feelings.

The Lessons of a LAC series is ideal for parents, caregivers and teachers to manage kids’ anxieties. It is also the focus of a unique school program to assist kids’ emotional and social development.

This package is the 'bees knees' for educators committed to including well-being in their lessons with the kids in their care.

Appropriate for ENTIRE school use, preschool to year 6. This means that this digital session can be used for all kids, in all grades and all class sizes! You have the ability to tailor the session to suit your classroom needs.

Digital sessions are presented in bite-sized chucks to make learning and lesson planning easy. A variety of little learners have been kept in mind with information being presented both auditorily and visually. Each video is designed to played and expanded on with activities or open discussion.

A set of 18 custom made magnets to illustrate the emotions of: happy, sad, anger and anxious/worries, PLUS the common physical symptoms of anxiety. The magnets are designed to
engage children in a unique way to really understand how our face and body give us clues as to how we are feeling. Kids LOVE to take their turn in visually creating emotions!
Specifically supports videos 4 and 5.

Lessons of a LAC Thumball
A very fun way to reinforce the messages of the whole program. Throw the ball, someone catches it and looks on which panel their thumb lands. PERFECT for discussing anxiety and worry. PERFECT for circle and group time. We also use a ball to illustrate when we think certain thoughts over and over again, we feel their counterpart feelings. Basic instructions are: what we hold onto we feel. Say a scenario (that is a LOPPY way of thinking), e.g., I don’t want to go to soccer today because I never score goals. Throw the ball to someone and say: if you held onto this feeling, how would you feel? Then say: You have a choice. Would you choose to hold onto this thought and feel this way to throw it away? If they choose to throw the ball away, throw the ball again to them and say another scenario (that is a CURLY way of thinking), e.g., you never know, today might be the day I get a goal. If you held onto this feeling, how would you feel? This is a strategy we use with kids from year 3 as a way to really demonstrate the ‘thought-feeling-behaviour’ link.

Finger Puppets
Our Loppy and Curly finger puppets were designed from feedback that kids wanted something little to put in their pocket or bag to remind them of Loppy and Curly. Using the puppets while asking things like: what is your Loppy saying to you right now? Helps kids to tune into the way they are thinking that is leading to the symptoms they are feeling in their body. Likewise, when you are trying to encourage them to come up with a more helpful way of thinking, you can ask: what can you curly say to help right now? This is an externalising technique. It is easier for children to consider what an ‘external’ character might say as opposed to trying to tap into their own thinking style which is a more abstract ability. 

Our 35cm Loppy and Curly plushies are the bed buddies of choice for even older children. It has to do with what Loppy and Curly represent to them – calmness, reassurance, relief from anxiety feelings. A great use is as the ‘travelling friend’ that many classes offer, but specifically aimed toward how did Loppy and/or Curly help you with a difficulty while you had him over the weekend? The plushies can go home with the instructions: notice how Loppy speaks to you this weekend. Notice what Curly can say to help you to feel better.

Courage Cards
A set of 12 cards that reinforce the messages of Loppy and Curly. Can be put in little pockets or bags to always feel that Loppy and Curly are with your little one, offering their confidence! It is fun to use these cards to help work through something your little one is worrying about. For example, write down and talk about the thing they are worrying about, pull out a courage card and apply it to the worry and see where it leads. Alternatively, pre-select a card that you know would be appropriate to shift their thoughts to another, more helpful direction. Possibilities are endless really!

There are 7 videos in total consisting of an introduction followed by 6 videos.
Video 0: Series Introduction  An introduction so the kids know the presenters and what they do. (3:31min)
Video 1: Brain Talk Educates viewers about WHY we feel anxious – because the brain is reacting to Loppy
chatter! Viewers will learn how the brain operates PLUS our ABC way of managing. (9:20min)
Video 2: Story Time A fun interactive reading of Lessons of a LAC with Loppy and Curly(7:32min)
Video 3: How to Make a Picture Book Educates viewers how a picture book is made. (2:10min)
Video 4: How to  Draw Characters Talks about increasing awareness of emotions and body language. Viewers are taught how
to draw feelings! (7:03min)
Video 5: Feelings on the magnetic Board Educates viewers how worry thoughts impact the physical body – again to increase
awareness. (1:26min)
Video 6: Strategies The ABC strategies. Viewers will learn the strategies Curly teaches Loppy to manage anxiety. (7:52min)
  • Digital access to our SCHOOL SESSION
  • The ENTIRE 5 book series
  • 35cm Loppy PLUSHY
  • 35cm Curly PLUSHY
  • Set of Loppy and Curly FINGER PUPPETS that complement all books
  • Customised set of 18 anxiety symptom MAGNETS
  • Lessons of a LAC 6 inch THUMBALL
  • USB with an entire LESSON UNIT for Lessons of a LAC
  • PLUS little extras!
Product Specifications
Product Type Teacher Resources
State / Curriculum National
Series Lessons of a Lac
Subject Fear and Anxiety

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