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Pitsco Robotics Certified Educator Program

Become a Pitsco Robotics Certified Educator in TETRIX PRIME or MAX in either of these 1-day intensive workshops with TETRIX Robobench Presenter: Tim Lankford!

Usually $500USD, Pitsco and Kookaburra have teamed up to provide this certification for FREE to a select group of educators who will champion the TETRIX brand in Australia. Will this be you? Not only is the course the first of its kind in Australia for TETRIX, it’s free and you’ll also get a TETRIX PRIME Programmable Kit PLUS an EV3 Components Kit (once Certified) to keep, as well as other goodies at the event.

If you’ve seen Tim in action on the Robobench Series, you’ll know that he is an excellent trainer with more than 20 years experience and a wealth of knowledge regarding robotics in education.

We are looking for 10 educators interested in becoming a Pitsco Robotics Certified Educator in TETRIX PRIME and 6 educators for TETRIX MAX. Be seen as a leading expert in this exciting field once you are certified.

Workshop 1 – TETRIX PRIME: Monday 3rd June 8.30am-5pm - 4 spaces still available.
Workshop 2 – TETRIX MAX: Tuesday 4th June 8.30am-5pm - FULLY BOOKED.

Kookaburra Educational Resources
5 Steel River Blvd, Mayfield West

Attendees are required to bring to the course a TETRIX PRIME or MAX Kit, depending on the course they’re attending.
Attendees are also required to make time available for a pre-course phone call with a Kookaburra representative to ensure all required software is loaded and working on their computer.

Pass the test at the end of the workshop and clearly demonstrate successful use of TETRIX in the classroom to become a Pitsco Robotics Certified Educator.

Why become Certified?

  • This training makes you a more effective teacher with robotics, otherwise it's just a box of parts.
  • How to actually TEACH with TETRIX. Not just learning how to use the material, but how to use it in YOUR classroom with YOUR students and also how to customise the teaching for your audience.
  • Have a greater impact in your school as you become the "champion" or "trail blazer" and become the go-to person to help your peers. Maybe develop a network to help implement robotics in your school.
  • Become a part of a larger community of teachers using TETRIX in Australian classrooms.
Register Now
If you would like to register for this Certification, please email: marketing@kookaburra.com.au

All catering will be provided on the day.





Affordable – sets can be used year after year with teams of up to four students, and numerous builds can be constructed with just the PRIME Robotics Set.

Simple – easy building and disassembling of a prototype in a single class period.

Versatile – excellent for engineering – quickly test and perform multiple design iterations.

Compatible – with TETRIX® MAX elements – congruent hole patterns and fasteners ensure true integration of elements.

Empowering – ability to integrate with multiple control systems, allows your students to grow as their capabilities do.


Comprehensive – there are more than 100 elements to choose from, and several builds can be constructed with just the MAX Robotics Set.

Robust – ideal for student competitions – durable for large-scale robots and provides secure connections.

Quality – the robot building system of choice for the FIRST® Tech Challenge.

Compatible – with TETRIX® PRIME elements – congruent hole patterns and fasteners ensure true integration of elements.

Transformational – use real-world tools to learn and apply the engineering design process while boosting problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.


Common Features:
  • Both sets include the needed assembly tools and a builder’s guide to give students a confident start.
  • Compatible with LEGO® Technic elements.
  • R/C setup gets robots moving right out of the box – or TETRIX® robots can be controlled by a variety of devices such as PRIZM™, LEGO®; MINDSTORMS® EV3 or NXT, National Instruments myRIO, Arduino and more.