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Student Pack Online Display & Layout Options

Kookaburra is able to offer schools a choice of online display options for their Student Packs. These options are outlined below.

Please view each display & layout option below. Explanations are provided outlining the key features of each online display option.

Student Pack Online Ordering Homepage

How to order

1. Standard Compulsory Student Pack

This option includes a set price for the Pack, all items are compulsory, includes a school logo and listing of all products included in the Pack.

2. Elective Student Pack

This option includes a list of elective items created by the school that can be purchased by the parent/student online. Each item has a suggested quantity, set by the school but all items are elective to purchase.

3. Complete Student Pack

This option includes an option to purchase the Complete Student Pack at a set price and add additional items from a pre-selected list. Alternatively, any items that are within the Complete Pack may be purchased in whatever quantities are required by the individual.

4. Compulsory + Elective Student Pack

This option includes both compulsory and elective items. Items marked compulsory will automatically be added to the cart and the parent/student can select other products as they wish from a pre-selected list.