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What is REDeLEARN?

REDeLEARN is a research website for children that is safe, up-to-date and with age appropriate information aligned to the Australian primary school curriculum. Built specifically to be a reliable resource to assist teachers in providing an engaging learning environment with interactive fact boxes, quizzes, activities, glossaries, slideshows and videos.


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  • K-2 Module

  • Dyslexia Friendly

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Easy Navigation

Our kid-friendly, easy-to-use interface supports independent learning, helps develop critical thinking skills and fosters inquiry-based learning. Experience a fun, interactive environment without the cartoon show feel.


Information-rich, photographic images support the text to encourage discovery and inquiry-led learning. Fun fact boxes, exciting videos and audio snippets enhance interest and engage every learning style, while linked eBooks expand research and fact-finding skills.

Written For Kids

Written by Aussie teachers and authors to support Australian Curriculum topics. Ensure your students access age-appropriate and locally relevant learning material.


Students can learn from 12 subject areas before testing their knowledge and comprehension with interactive quizzes, activities and downloadable worksheets. Learn anytime, anywhere, with safe, up-to-date information on an intuitive, accessible platform.

Advanced Text

This information-rich material caters to advanced learners. Specifically written with more complex language and greater detail to support and engage students in a deeper investigation of the core REDeLEARN modules. Suited to older students in years 5-6+ and advanced readers or learners in the earlier grades


Challenge students to think deeper and enhance their comprehension of a topic. Follow links to related content or dive into the full eBook.

Advanced vs Standard

Students can easily switch between modes to choose their own level and learning style, encouraging autonomous support for differing learning mindsets and individual focus levels.


A clean layout with large bodies of text allows students to focus on reading comprehension and information-rich learning.

Phonetically Decodable

Phonetically decodable text written by Aussie teachers and authors to support Australian Curriculum topics. With access to over 160 eBooks from the Redback Decodable Library.


A playfully designed, colourful interface to engage younger learners and focus attention with fun characters and simple text, illustration and photography.


Picture-based navigation with on-hover audio makes learning easy for younger readers.


Dedicated attention to K-2 core principles in English, Maths and Science, and introductory-level core curriculum subjects. Each article includes a glossary and fun activities across grammar, comprehension and word study.

Accessibility Features

The most accessible online learning platform in Australia. Readers with visual impairment, speech and language disorders, processing problems, ADHD or dyslexia can all enjoy learning with REDeLEARN.

Dyslexia-Friendly Interface

Simply toggle on or off to access Open Dyslexic font throughout the platform and off-white page colours.


Fully embedded, cross-platform Text-To-Speech functionality. Hover over text to hear it spoken aloud. Simply toggle the function on or off.


Accessibility features are available site-wide, including on-hover audio to assist with navigation.

Engaging Topics

Engage the most reluctant readers with topics such as Heart Pumping Action Sports and Gross Things. These exciting, age-appropriate subjects support a lower reading level to encourage struggling readers to build fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge and an interest in reading.


Fully embedded, cross-platform Text-To-Speech functionality. Hover over text to hear it spoken aloud. Simply toggle the function on or off.


Carefully chosen vocabulary, simple sentences and compelling subjects, strategically written to build the confidence of reluctant readers.


Age-appropriate content that is easy to read, with short chapters, a slim page count and gripping subjects.


Access Australia's best curriculum-aligned eBook Library for Children, by Redback Publishing.

Easy Access

REDeBOOKS is integrated into the REDeLEARN platform, with article links to related ebooks that enhance learning. Simply open the eBooks on related REDeLEARN articles or navigate to the REDeBOOKS eLibrary platform.


Provides access to the full Redback Publishing eBook library. Children have access to hundreds of books as well as over 160 decodable readers for K-2.

Anywhere, Anytime

Kids will want to read anywhere, anytime with REDeBOOKS at their fingertips. Choose an effortless deeper learning experience and encourage independent thinking. Access at school, at home or on the go.

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