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  • New audio-visual system upgrade a win for Oak Flats High School
New audio-visual system upgrade a win for Oak Flats High School

New audio-visual system upgrade a win for Oak Flats High School

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“View, view, view” were the instructions given to our team when completing the Oak Flats High School audio-visual system upgrade.

The school principal, Angela Byron, was looking for a visual and sound upgrade for the old, hexagon-shaped hall. The audio-visual system upgrade included new screens and a sound system which could be seen and heard from all angles of the hall.

We got in contact with the team at Primo Electrical Services to help design the layout for Oak Flats’ new system.

The problem

Not only did Oak Flats want the screens to be seen from all angles and levels of the hexagonal hall, they also didn’t want to lose any stage space.

Ms Byron also wanted the students and staff in the hall to be able to view more than one screen at a time. 

“At first glance, obstructions were a definite obstacle,” said Nof Lopreiato, the owner of Primo Electrical Services.

“But with a few modifications, we found the perfect positioning for the equipment.”

The solution

The audio-visual system upgrade was a difficult task, but Primo Electrical Services managed to work around the technical difficulties.

A large, four metre Grandview screen was ordered by our team. It had to be shipped from overseas and arrived just short of the building deadline. We also installed it with the latest Laser 8000 Lumens projector by Maxwell.

The screen helps to create a large movie theatre atmosphere in the hall and can be seen from the worst seat in the house.

Given how large the space was, Primo Electrical Services chose to install two 86-inch commercial panels on either side of the stage in the hall.

Additionally, a second wall plate was placed at the back of the auditorium to enable multi-use functions.

“With multiple devices in the audio-visual system upgrade, a simple remote-control system wasn’t going to cut it,” said Nof.

“Instead, we installed a Joey 9 Control System which can be managed from two locations. The school can now control the system from two different areas and turn off individual devices with a push of a button.”

The result

Oak Flats High School were thrilled with their audio-visual system upgrade and Kookaburra Educational Resources staff member, Donna Brown, was glad the school chose our team to help.

“Having worked with Primo Electrical Services before, we knew they’d be able to create installation solutions for Oak Flats,” said Donna.

“We’re proud to offer a range of customised options, and off-the-shelf products for audio-visual system upgrades for schools in New South Wales.”

Is your school looking for an audio-visual system upgrade? Contact us today to find out what we can offer your school.

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