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  • Botley the Coding Robot

He’s easy to use, packed with advanced features and will have you coding in minutes!

Botley™ introduces coding in an easy, friendly way. Children as young as 5 can learn to code with Botley™, and with his advanced features, he’ll grow with them for many play-filled years to come. Botley™ is ready to use right out of the box – he’ll have kids coding in minutes. And that’s not all that makes Botley™ unique; he’s 100% screen-free, and the only coding robot that includes a 45-piece set! Your child will get to learn early STEM skills while playing and having fun. Botley™ teaches the basics of coding through active play, completely screen free. Perfect for promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Completely screen free coding – no phone or tablet required. Botley™ has an easy-to-use remote programmer, which transmits your commands – and off he’ll go! Botley™ can detect objects and be programmed to go around objects with if/then logic. He can also follow looping commands, take on obstacle courses, follow black lines and has hidden features to unlock!

Here are just some of the fun interactive features Botley™ offers:

• Detect objects – and avoid them!
• Follow looping commands.
• Navigate obstacle courses.
• Program up to 80 steps, or turn on black-line following.
• Botley™ also has additional hidden features to unlock!

Let's Get Started!

Never coded before? No problem. I’m ready to use right out of the box and I will have your kids coding in minutes. I can be introduced to children as young as 5, but I grow with them as well – so we’ll have many fun years together!

Endless Activities, Endless Fun

Coding cards, detachable arms, interactive obstacles, coding games and more – with my 77-pieces, there are endless hours of fun to be had. So see what I can do because I’m always up for the challenge.

Screen Free, Yipppeeee!

That’s right, you can learn to code and do it completely screen free – no phone or tablet required. I have an easy to use remote programmer, which transmits your commands and off I’ll go!

Look What I Can Do!

With my advanced features I grow along with your kids' coding skills. Code me for up to 120 steps, loop me and program me to go around objects with my if/then logic. Turn on the black-line follow mode and set up a path for me to travel. And that’s not all – I even have hidden features to unlock!

Meet Botley, the coding robot

Check out some of the fun things you can code me to do:

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