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  • Project Green

What is Project Green?

Project a greener future with Hitachi’s Project Green Projector Recycling & Upgrade Program. This program is an opportunity for you to recycle your existing projector for your business or school, and receive a cash-back amount of up to $400 on your next Hitachi projector. This program not only benefits you by saving money, but it also plays a big part in helping the environment by recycling machines that are no longer in use. There has never been a better time to retire your old machine and invest in a brand new Hitachi model!

Project Green has been set up by Hitachi, a global company that has a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and as a component of this, the conservation of the Earth's natural environment. It is a project to help address environmental responsibility requirements for their customers though waste reduction and incentives to upgrade to the latest energy efficient technology.

The Project Green Projector Recycling & Cash-Back Program:

    • Collects and recycles old projectors free of charge.
    • Recycles up to 97% of projector components and materials.
    • Collects all models and brands of projectors.
    • Offers incentives and cash back for recycling.

I'm looking at recycling my projector and upgrading to a new model. How do I know which projector is right for me?

Kookaburra can provide advice on the best model for you to upgrade to, depending on your existing projector. 


Can I recycle a projector and get cash-back against a Touchscreen, instead of another projector?

YES - you can now recycle a projector and get the following cash-back amounts:

  • $110 cash-back on a Hitachi Interactive Touchscreen HILS65205
  • $190 cash-back on a Hitachi Interactive Touchscreen HILS75205
  • $400 cash-back on a Hitachi Interactive Touchscreen HILS86205

How do I recycle a projector?

Simply recycle your old projector in an exchange that will benefit the planet and your pocket! Signing up is easy!

Follow these simple steps to recycle and upgrade today:

Register online now by filling in your details and take the first step in projecting a greener future!

* Terms and conditions apply. For more details visit the Hitachi Project Green website