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Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 (print + digital)

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Written by an experienced team of practising Society and Culture teachers, Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 help students understand and contribute to the world around them, and provides them with everything they need to thrive in their internal assessments and end-of-year exams.

Cambridge Society and Culture Stage 6 includes:

  • the best assessment and exam preparation support available including learning activities, end-of-section Review questions, qualitative and quantitative research methods and skills and end-of-chapter HSC style questions
  • a dedicated Personal Interest Project (PIP) chapter with tools and guidance for students, samples of work from high-achieving students, an interview with past students, and FAQs to guide students as they develop and complete their PIP.
  • contemporary, in-depth Focus Studies for each topic that address all syllabus requirements
  • relevant and contemporary case studies that illustrate and explore the nature of each topic
  • biennial digital updates to ensure the content stays current, reliable and updated
  • immediate access to audio and video resources via QR codes in the Print Textbook
  • a powerful learning experience, powered by Cambridge Edjin, that bring the study of Society and Culture to life
  • an easy onboarding process for students and teachers with immediate access to digital support resources.

Included Components:

  • Print - The text delivered in print format.
  • PDF Textbook available in the interactive textbook - The downloadable PDF version of the student text enables students to take notes and bookmark pages. It is downloaded through your account using the same unique 16-character code that is included with the purchase of the printed student textbook and the interactive textbook.
  • Interactive Textbook powered by Cambridge Edjin (2 year access) - The online version of the student text delivers a host of interactive features to enhance the teaching and learning experience, and when connected to a class teacher account offers a powerful Learning Management System. It is accessed online through Cambridge GO using a unique 16-character code provided with the Print Textbook, or available for purchase separately as a digital-only option. The Interactive Textbook is available as a two-calendar-year subscription. Your subscription term is defined as follows: if activation occurs between January and July of this year, subscription concludes on 31 December in the following year. If activation occurs between August and December of this year, subscription concludes on 31 December in the year after the following.
1. The social and cultural world Focus study: The Roma in Europe
2. Personal and social identity Focus study: The Mescalero Apache people
3. Intercultural communication Focus study: The Tuareg society
4. Personal Interest Project
5. Social and cultural continuity and change Focus study: Rwanda
6. Depth study: Popular culture Focus study: Social media
7. Depth study: Belief systems and ideologies Focus study: Indigenous spiritualities: New Zealand Maori Wairuatanga
8. Depth study: Social inclusion and exclusion Focus study: Asylum seekers and refugees in Australia
9. Social conformity and nonconformity Focus study: Survivalists

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Subject Society and Culture