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What are Student Packs?

Save Time. Save Money. Simplify Back-to-School.

Kookaburra are the education specialists and when it comes to Student Packs, we know what works.

Let us take care of all the details and simplify Back-to-School for you! We offer a fully customisable Student Pack service with tailor-made packs to suit every individual requirement as well as Bulk ordering for Back-to-School resources and items packed in class or year levels.

Take the headache out of Back-to-School with Kookaburra's Student Packs. They are customisable, easy to organise and great value!

Student Packs (also commonly referred to as Bookpacks or Booklists) are a great advantage during Back-to-School as the order process, packing and money handling can all be done for you.

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Contact us today to find out how we can help you:
✔    Save time and money by organising all your Back-to-School resources with one specialist education supplier.
✔    Remove the complexity of administration work by engaging Kookaburra for all your resource requirements.
✔    A unique solution for Back-to-School with customised inclusions specifically for your students and their parents.
✔    High-quality products at competitive prices.
✔    Secure online ordering of Student Packs through the Kookaburra website. Easy ordering and payment collection. No cash-handling.
✔    A highly skilled sales team who can assist you in product selection and the entire ordering process.
✔    Fantastic sales and customer service support to assist both teachers and parents with any enquiries.

Where do I start?

Why not start with your existing Booklist and build your customised Pack with one of our Account Managers or Student Pack team members. Our team are highly skilled in developing Packs and helping guide you through the process of selecting products and resources.

Packs can comprise stationery, textbooks, novels, calculators, headphones, data storage, sunscreen, tissues, art & craft supplies and other educational resources. The Pack contents are developed in conjunction with you to meet teacher and student needs.

Order everything from the one supplier - it couldn't be easier!

Compare our Packs

Below is a summary and comparison of our Back-to-School Bulk Ordering and Student Pack options so you can choose which option is right for you and your school.

Types of Student Packs

This is only a sample of the Pack options that are available. We are extremely flexible - if you have additional requirements, please discuss these with your Kookaburra Account Manager or our Customer Service team.

Click here to find out more about our Student Pack Ordering Options.

Student Pack Online Display Options

Once you've selected the type of Pack you want, you then decide how you want this displayed to your parents and students online, via the customised online ordering portal.

Click here to view examples of what the online ordering portal for your Student Pack can look like.


What delivery options are there?
Delivery can be made to your school or direct to the parent/students' home address.

Can I specify a delivery date?
Yes. A delivery date can be specified for school deliveries.

Can I specify a cut-off date to my parents/students?

What type of packaging is available?
Kookaburra has taken a stance on single use plastics, and this year all packs will be boxed in bio-degradable environmentally friendly packaging. Environmentally conscious - better environmental outcomes for your community!

Can I include school branded or custom items?

Can I choose how my Pack displays online?
Yes, there are different online display options as listed under the Student Pack Online Display Options above. Click here to view sample online display options
Kookaburra can also customise these options for your school, should you be after something more specific.

Can I include my school logo online?

How do my parents/students place an order?
If you select the online ordering option, Kookaburra hosts an online ordering portal. Once the display option has been approved by the school, Kookaburra will provide a username and password for your parents/students to login to our website and place their orders.

Need more help?

Contact our team to organise your Student Packs today.

Find my Account Manager: Click here to view Account Managers

Phone our Customer Experience Team: 1300 766 997

Email our Student Pack Specialist: studentpacks@kookaburra.com.au