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STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is a recognised national priority, critical to the development of the future smart workforce. 3D printing has been identified as a key technology in these future industries due to its powerful flexibility of application. It engages all elements of STEM and attracts kids to technology-based study. Most noteworthy is its effectiveness in engaging girls and young women in STEM projects. Me3D has designed a range of 3D printers specifically for teaching additive fabrication and enabling a host of STEM learning objectives. They take a hands-on approach to all aspects of their products so that users don’t just observe, they connect with what they are doing.


3D printing education draws new links across the curriculum and creates highly engaged students. 3D printing as a learning tool is incredibly powerful. Incorporating 3D printing into the classroom across diverse subjects can dramatically improve student engagement. To get the most out of your 3D printing hardware, Me3D provide everything from curriculum-linked lesson plans to simple project inspirations. There is a great library of activities to walk you through the concepts within 3D printing, projects to delve further into learning design and STEM concepts and inspirations if you want to see what all the cool kids are printing. Lesson plans are linked to the Australian Curriculum across years K-10 that use 3D printing as both an enabling and instructive technology.





"Not just a printer, it’s a capability"... If you want to bring 3D printing to the classroom, these all-in-one bundles give you everything you need to cater for larger groups of students for a full 2 years! Me3D packages have been specifically designed to provide educators with a capability rather than just a piece of equipment. The most popular package, the Me2 Mini Learning Lab includes everything you'll need to bring 3D printing into the classroom and the hearts and minds of your students.






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