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NANOLEAF Canvas Linkers

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Create bigger and wall-to-ceiling Light Squares installations with these additional Linkers - combine up to 500 Squares for the ultimate experience.

A crucial component in setting up your Nanoleaf lighting environment, the Nanoleaf Canvas Linkers can be used to connect your lighting panels together. They bring an amazing new amount of design optionS to upgrade YOUR Nanoleaf Canvas. Smart lighting that is designed to help you light up your life, your way.

Nanoleaf aims to transform simple surface lighting to engaging surface art, powered by Nanoleaf's high-efficiency RGBW light emitting diode technology.

Canvas Linkers, an add-on to the Canvas Smarter Kit only.
  • Connectors to install Light Squares and expand your design or keep as spare.
  • Nanoleaf Modular Squares snap together easily.
  • Apple Homekit Certified, Apps for iOS & Android.
  • Quick & easy 'no hassle' installation.

What is Nanoleaf Canvas?
The Nanoleaf Canvas is today's most advanced smart light. It is the first ever touch-controlled modular smart light with built-in music sync technology. Connect up to 500 Light Squares at once for incredibly immersive installations. The Canvas also comes with the classic Nanoleaf Light Panels features like modularity, scheduling, warm to cool white light options as well as customisations with over 16 million colours to choose from.

Touch to send soft ripples of a Koi pond scene across the Canvas. Touch again to transform your space into a party-ready room as the Canvas turns into a music visualiser for your wall. Touch to transform your light wall yet again, this time into a relaxing scene coloured in with the shades of a brilliant setting sun.

Intuitive Touch Control
Smart controls, even without your phone. Transform your entire space with one single touch. App, voice and manual control also available - how you control your Canvas is totally up to you.

Modular Freedom
The Canvas is like building bricks for lighting so you can design, shape and reconfigure to your heart's desire. With its unique offset linker system, you can create uniform designs or abstract asymmetrical ones.

Thousands of Scenes, Right out of the Box
Discover new Scenes with the Control Square's 'Shuffle' Button. Download your favourites or check the App for even more design inspiration.

Touch Games
Play classic games like Whack-A-Mole and Memory right on your Canvas layout. Download in the 'Discover' tab to tap and compete with friends.

Edge to Edge
Modern meets classic with the Canvas' seamless edge to edge design combined with its multi-faceted textured face.

500 Panels
Imagine an entire wall made of light. Connect up to 500 Light Squares on one single Control Square. Truly immersive, redefined.

Control, Your Way
How you control your lights is completely up to you: Advanced customisations in App, voice commands, manual Control Square, Nanoleaf Remote. Use IFTTT for even more customisations.

Music Visualizer
With music sync built right into the Canvas, all you have to do is hit play on your favourite songs and watch as the sounds are transformed into dancing symphonies of colour and light.

Curate Rhythm Scenes to fit your life. Publish and share Scenes you've created, vote for your favorites and create playlists to fit each mood and occasion.

Key Features:
  • Works with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Google Assistant.
  • Modular, connect the panels into any design pattern you like.
  • Built-in Rhythm technology to enable real-time music syncing.
  • Built-in motion sensors enable seamless lighting automation.
  • 16.4 million colours and warm to cool whites.
  • Control through Wifi using your smart app - no hub required.
  • Touch enabled, tap a panel to trigger programmed effects on the panels.
  • Create and customise scans, or download scenes from thousands of scenes in the apps Discover Community.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi.


Product Specifications
Category Classroom Organisation
Product Type Wall Decoration

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