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PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 2 2021

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The most widely used literacy assessment resources have been enhanced. The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 1 and 2 resources respond to the changing needs in literacy instruction and assessment. The two brand-new PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment resources offer in-depth guidance and support to confidently assess literacy skills and strategies for Levels 1–30, Pre-Level 1 and Post-Level 30.

The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment resources provides teachers with the right tools to:

  • accurately identify students’ reading levels
  • use evidence to inform teaching practice and lesson planning
  • monitor students’ reading achievement and progress over time
  • implement consistent assessment practices within and between schools
  • capture data for school review and community feedback.

The resource offers a complete literacy assessment, allowing teachers to conduct reading records to effectively capture students' progress in reading fluency, retelling abilities and comprehension within and beyond the text. The enhanced PM Benchmark resource has been trialled extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment 1 contains:

  • Pre-Level 1 Screening: Assess a student's literacy competencies in areas of oral literacy, phonological awareness and concepts about print.
  • New Books and Cards: 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction text per level.
  • Post-Level 30 Assessment Cards: Extend fluent readers with assessment that focuses on writing and deep comprehension skills.
  • Teachers' Resource Book: Learn best-practice research on how to carry out benchmark assessments and implement strategies to extend fluent readers.
  • Reading Assessment Records: A new, clean pro forma layout to capture students' literacy progression.
  • Procedure Cards: Detailed instructions to implement a consistent, whole-school approach to literacy assessment.
  • Online Resources: Access a suite of digital resources including training videos and examples of reading assessment records.

The Pre-Level 1 assessments consist of two cards and a four-page Student Record covering six assessment tasks designed for students working towards Level 1. The Pre-Level 1 assessment covers oral literacy, phonological awareness, phonics and concepts about print.

Each PM Benchmark Literacy Assessment resource includes two texts per level for Levels 1–30. Repetitive illustrated and photographic texts are introduced at Level 1, narratives at Level 3 and non-fiction texts at Level 6. As students progress through the levels, they are exposed to more text types such as recounts, information reports, descriptions, procedures, expositions and discussions.

All Post-Level 30 texts have been carefully curated for confident, independent readers. They provide opportunities for students to engage with authentic texts, such as extracts from popular works of literature and scientific journals. The suite of six Post-Level 30 texts are designed to expose students to complex writing styles with higher-order sentence structures and concepts. The text types included across the two resources are narrative, narrative (historical fiction), poetry, description, information report, exposition and discussion.

The Teacher’s Resource Books have been designed to enable teachers to work within best-practice research for undertaking benchmark assessments. The book includes step-by-step instructions for using the complete kit, as well as an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section compiled through research with teachers from around the world.

There is a Student Record for each Level 1–30 assessment text. The updated layout allows teachers to easily capture students’ reading progression and provide feedback to students, parents and the wider school network. Every Student Record can be accessed digitally via a QR code on the back of each book or card, making it easy for teachers to print a new record.

The Procedures Cards provide a summary of the recommended procedures for taking a Student Record effectively, ensuring consistent and valid information is gathered by all educators.


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