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  • What is a Makerspace

Creating a space for young makers and educators

Create a student-centered, flexible learning space that inspires creativity, curiosity, and wonder. A collaborative workspace offering a complete learning environment that allows limitless opportunities. Maker education is being used as a way to connect do-it-yourself informal learning to classrooms. Driven by new technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and kid-friendly coding, making is emerging as an effective way to introduce students to STEM. By incorporating elements of making into the classroom, educators can bridge the gap between what students are passionate about and what they’re learning in school.

Maker Education

•  Fosters student autonomy as well as group collaboration on projects.

•  Ignites student interest and builds creative confidence.

•  Empowers students to embrace their own learning by posing their own questions and pursuing answers in an organic way.

•  Provides an approach to problem solving through experimentation and play.

•  Mistakes allow an opportunity to incorporate feedback into a new design and develop a different, unforeseen path.

•  Focusses students on asking the right questions, not just providing the right answers. Questioning is a powerful form of learning and allows students to apply classroom-gathered knowledge to real-world problems.

•  Uses hands-on learning as well as students’ minds which creates a deeper understanding of STEM concepts. If students use their hands as well as their minds, they’re essentially learning twice.

•  Focusses on creativity, art, play, and do-it-yourself projects, which has the potential to appeal to a wide range of interests.

•  Fosters collaborative teamwork in a group environment.

•  Develops critical thinking and out of the box ideas and solutions.

Makerspaces enable students to bring their ideas to reality in countless ways through open-ended exploration, creation, discovery, and innovation. To facilitate the endless possibilities of makerspaces, we have provided this Robotics, STEM & Technology Guide filled with a range of Robotics, STEM and Makerspace products that any school could use to create a collaborative workspace for innovative minds to gather, share, network and build.

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