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Robotics in Australian Schools


What is Robotics?

According to Leon Sterling writing for Lifehacker, Robotics is:

Essentially, a robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to follow a set of instructions.

The robot has a processing unit, sensors to perceive its environment, and motors and actuators to move its limbs or wheels. It may speak, make other sounds, or flash with lights and colours in response to the environment as per instructions.

Robots need the ability to follow programmed instructions and not just be controlled remotely.


Why should it be taught in schools?

Leon says:

There is considerable anecdotal evidence that students respond well in subjects involving programming of robots.

Plenty of resources are available on the internet for parents and teachers.

Some of Kookaburra's examples of Robotics products include: TETRIX MAX and PRIME, simple programmable robots such as Sphero, Ollie and Edison, as well as lesson plans. Sophisticated, engaging robots such as Mr. Robot are also available.

Robots lend themselves to do-it-yourself activities. For example, a colleague builds robots using a 3D printer and uses his smart phone as an interactive device to communicate with the printed robot.

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What is Sphero?

The SPRK+ Robot was designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding. However, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Lightning Lab app, you can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities, and share your creations with the community. Navigate a maze. Program a painting. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party…the only limit is your imagination. A robot ball with several features that can be controlled through mobile apps, including computer programs that the students build. The main features are:
  • Rolling. The Sphero can roll at a given speed and heading for a given amount of time.
  • Colours. The Sphero can light up in any colour.
  • Bluetooth. Sphero connects to devices such an iPads®, iPhones, and Android phones and tablets through wireless Bluetooth connections. This allows the Sphero to be controlled by a number of apps.
  • Programming. After combining commands, see the code and use this as a foundation to learn more about programming.

There’s no rule that says learning shouldn’t be fun, or that playing can’t be valuable. If there is, SPRK Edition was created to break it. SPRK makes the skills of the future approachable and practical. And most importantly, fun!

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What is Ollie?

Meet Ollie - the app-enabled robot driven by adrenaline. Launch over the competition at floor-warping speeds. Spin, drift, and flip with app-powered tricks. Then switch up your ride with custom tyres and hubcaps. Ollie is engineered for speed, programmed for tricks, and customised by you. Take connected play to the next level with innovative controls and integrated gameplay. Build your own courses and jumps, master your skills, then create custom trick combinations to share with friends. Ride outside and own the streets with Nubby Tyres or head indoors and hit the floors to drift like a pro. Ollie pairs instantly to your smart device via Bluetooth-Smart and is powered by USB charging. Protected by a durable polycarbonate shell and outfitted with glowing LED’s, Ollie is ready to take on any terrain day or night.

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What is Edison?

  • Super affordable, programmable educational robotics.
  • Modular and LEGO® robotics compatible.
  • Graphical robot programming software.
  • Modular and easily expandable.
  • Suitable for all ages – From 5 to 95.
The Edison Programmable Robot is for students of all ages and also for both beginner and experienced robotics enthusiasts. You can buy a single robot and learn computer programming just like other robotics systems which can cost much, much more. Edison is a great resource for teachers as classroom sets are now very affordable for schools - it's now possible to have one robot per student. Edison is modular and LEGO®; compatible. It provides a scalable way to build any size robotic invention. There's a lot that one Edison Robot can do. Imagine what your students can do with a team of them working together! Let your students imaginations run wild. Why not make a remote control robot! Edison is great for school education and to teach kids robotics and programming. Lesson plans are provided to help make it easy for teachers to get started.

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What is Ozobot?

Whether you are a seasoned engineer or a primary school student, Ozobot Bit can be as fun or challenging as you make it. Simple and intuitive to use on one side, highly programmable and versatile on the other - there is something for every type of thinker, with this tiny robot. The Ozobot classroom experience is becoming an essential tool in today’s millennial classroom. Take your classroom to the next level of learning with Ozobot. If you can dream it, you can create it with Ozobot - a learning toy that opens the doors of computer science, STEM education, robotics and coding through creative play as endless as a child’s imagination, one game at a time. Empower your students to embrace the future and become a maker of technology, not just a user.

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What is Makeblock?

Makeblock is a leading DIY robotics construction and programming learning platform for makers, STEM learners, educators and hobbyists. Makeblock provides over 500 mechanical parts and easy-to-use electronic modules, as well as graphical programming software, empowering people to turn their ideas into reality. Jasen Wang started the company to empower makers, educators and future engineers, in the belief that making and creating in the physical world would enable more people to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete in the future. Having made a splash in the worldwide robotics market with more than 600,000 makers, students and educators in more than 140 countries, Makeblock is certainly a robotics company on its way to achieving it’s mission - opening the robotics field to people of all skill levels.

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What is Bee-Bot?

An award-winning, programmable floor robot. Bee-Bot’s simple and child-friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teaching sequencing, directional language, basic commands and programming to young students. Bee-Bot can be used to help children understand what algorithms are and how simple programs can be created and then executed. Through creative and imaginative play, Bee-bot is a fantastic way to bring technology to life in every subject. Children can set Bee-Bot’s course, as well as design their own adventures for Bee-Bot to take part in. Bee-Bot is great for cross-curricular activities such as digital technology, science, maths, english, geography and history.

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What is TETRIX®?

Whether you are teaching STEM concepts in the classroom or engineering a robot to beat the competition, TETRIX® Building Systems help you reach your goals. These systems include TETRIX® PRIME and TETRIX® MAX, which work individually and together.

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