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Swivl C5 Starter Kit

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C5 robot, Pro Team, Floor Stand, Mini Lens!  This kit comes with everything you need to get started evaluating Swivl within your school or organisation.  Easily record video with multiple microphones while Swivl rotates to follow you.

Swivl - Your Personal Cameraman!

Redefining video for education. Swivl is a front-of-room assistant and video capture solution. It leverages the devices you already have. And provides tools that make video valuable.

Teach. Flip. Share. Review. Just Swivl It!

Swivl Robot
Turns your mobile device into a presentation delivery tool, a front-of-room assistant and automated video solution. It follows you, stops to focus on whiteboards or small groups when needed and can be used anytime, anywhere.

One-click control
The Swivl Marker can be worn or held, and gives you one click control. It has a built-in wireless microphone to capture the voices you need to hear. Add a second marker and place it wherever you need to capture group conversations.

Swivl Capture App The hub for control and content management. Wirelessly upload content with ease. Customise the Swivl Robot performance. Use it as a heads-up dashboard for presented content, reminders and time tracking to help you perform.

Swivl Cloud It's a video collaboration tool, a lecture capture platform, an observational coaching solution, and a video conferencing portal. The magic is in the synergy between applications. The best part? Storage is unlimited. 

Video Coaching
Used in K-12 and higher ed, Swivl massively accelerates professional development and supports teachers in training. Swivl's video tools enable teachers to implement reflective practices, build their own spotlight libraries, and benefit from more frequent coaching. Pre-service teachers are often required to video their student teaching. It is a great time for them to start getting comfortable with video coaching and using Swivl for reflective practices.

Engaging Content
As the trend towards personalised learning continues, Swivl gives teachers the tools they need to succeed. With Swivl, mastering innovative techniques like blended learning and flipped classroom, or accommodating slower paced learners or absentees is a breeze. In higher ed, frequent lecture capture is proven to save time and improve outcomes. It's just been too costly and inflexible to implement on a broad scale. That is...until now.

Student Skills
Just like their teachers, students benefit from self-evaluation, feedback and expert guidance. Video provides opportunities for live expert consultations and a mechanism for feedback on student presentations and language practice. Swivl is built to bring reflective practices to students. It captures group interactions and post project reflections to aid skill development. It can also help students with disabilities adjust and succeed in class.

Educational Organisational Solutions
Swivl can help you increase efficiency within your organisation. It can help optimise presentations, collaborate with teams remotely, or engage key decision makers wherever they are. With Swivl you can easily record important meetings to keep teachers and admin staff abreast of Organisation, School District, Education Office developments. Swivl also allows you to set up channels that will help onboard new staff quickly and with minimal disruptions to the flow of your school operations.

Swivl C5 Starter Kit includes:
  • Swivl Robot C Series Base.
  • Pro Team.
  • Floor Stand.
  • Mini Lens.
Product Specifications
Product Type Smartphone & Tablet Accessories
Brand Swivl

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