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What is ROLI?

Roli’s revolutionary music-making devices are the future of music creation and music-making devices in the digital age. Their award-winning musical instruments include the Seaboard - a radical evolution of the piano keyboard with a continuous, touch-responsive surface that combines the expressive capabilities of many instruments in one interface. People who have never played an instrument are touching sound in new ways through Roli’s ecosystem of Connected Music products. Roli is great for students and teachers to professionals, and for anyone musically minded who may just want to learn and play music! Expand the possibilities by connecting it with multiple Lightpad Blocks, Seaboard Blocks, and others in the modular Roli Block range. All ROLI products connect to others in ROLI’s ecosystem and to many outside of it, as their aim is for music creation to be as conveniently seamless as any other digitised areas of life. By inventing new, connected tools ROLI is extending the joy of music-making to everyone.

What is BLOCKS?

Blocks is a modular system that lets anyone learn and play music on powerful devices that snap together. Blocks is a fun, new-concept musical instrument - begin with one Block and build a bigger instrument as your skills grow. With the Block, studio techniques for building a track are right at your fingertips, so interrupted flows by delving into software menus are history.

Start building

Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block are powerful musical instruments, and they’re also the centerpieces of a BLOCKS kit. Start building your modular instrument by choosing from two expressive musical surfaces. Or start by connecting Lightpad Blocks and Seaboard Blocks together.


Seaboard Block

Super Powered Keyboard

• Multi-award-winning Seaboard interface • 5D Touch technology
• 24 keywave, two-octave playing surface
• Hundreds of free sounds
• Suite of music making software for desktop and mobile
• Wireless and portable for making music on the go
• Connects to other Blocks

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Lightpad Block M

Expressive Musical Touchpad

• Touch responsive soft silicon playing surface • LED illumination reconfigures Lightpad M for different notes and scales
• Adaptable surface can become a drum pad, fader bank, effects launcher and more
• Hundreds of free sounds
• Suite of music making software for desktop and mobile
• Wireless and portable for making music on the go
• Connects to other Blocks

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Add more control

Live Block, Loop Block and Touch Block provide more hands-on control. The buttons of each Block are shortcuts to the functions you use most to make music — whether that’s recording loops, changing scales, or adjusting how your musical surface responds to touch.


Live Block

Performance control

Live Block helps you perform faster. Switch scales and octaves, trigger chords and arpeggios, and sustain notes by clicking its control buttons. All these functions for live performance can be modified through NOISE for iOS, but Live Block puts them right at your fingertips — so you can fine-tune your performance in real time.

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Loop Block

Production control

Loop Block helps you produce a track faster. Record loops and play them back. Set your tempo, and quantize your loops so they’re always in time. These studio techniques for producing a track can be accessed through NOISE for iOS, but Loop Block puts them right at your fingertips — so you can produce in real time.

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Touch Block

Expression control

Touch Block helps you adjust the expressive behavior of your Seaboard Block and Lightpad Block. Turn up or turn down the responsiveness of the surface to the Strike, Glide, Slide, Press, and Lift dimensions of touch. Maximize the depth of expression available through pressure, or minimize the pitch-bend effect of sideways movements. Customize your control of any sound in real time and on the fly.

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  NOISE for iOS

NOISE is a free iOS app that makes music mobile, so you can sketch musical ideas anywhere you take your connected device. Using simple, easy-to-learn gestures, you can create beats, melodies, and songs with a huge library of sounds. Play NOISE on your phone or tablet, and extend its musical powers by pairing NOISE with ROLI BLOCKS.

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